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Tracy Wants To Study Transportation Taxes in Late 2012

Tennessee Senate Transportation Committee Chairman Jim Tracy, R-Shelbyville, says he wants to assemble a task force to begin meeting in late 2012 to discuss how to make up for the declining gasoline tax revenues that are due in part by more fuel-efficient vehicles on the roads. He made the comments Dec. 20, 2011. For more, [...]

Haslam: No Gas Tax Talk for Now

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam wouldn’t offer specific ideas about how the state might want to address the issue of the state’s declining gas tax revenue, but said Tennessee needs to take a step back and consider comprehensive approach, although he says his administration is probably be at that point for another year or two. He [...]

Schroer: Declining Gas Tax Revenue A ‘Big, Big Issue’

Tennessee Dept. of Transportation Commissioner John Schroer tells Gov. Bill Haslam during a budget hearing Nov. 4, 2011, the state needs to figure out how to rebalance funding for transportation because collections of gas tax revenue is losing steam with the emergence of more fuel efficient vehicles. For more, go to www.tnreport.com.

Haslam: Revenue Department Needs Clear Guidelines

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam talks to reporters about a report released by the state comptroller that is critical of Gov. Phil Bredesen’s Revenue Commissioner Reagan Farr. Haslam says it’s important the department of revenue have a clear process for making decisions. For more, go to www.tnreport.com.

Haslam Explains How Downtowns Help the State

Downtown is the one place where a city can grow while avoiding stepping on the toes of people who are more resistant to changes, which helps grow revenue, Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam told attendees at the Nashville Downtown Partnership awards ceremony Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2011. For more, go to www.tnreport.com.

Harwell on Passing Budget: The Earlier the Better

In order to move the budget process along, lawmakers may decide to focus on revenue numbers released in March and deposit any extra revenue collections into the rainy day fund, says Tennessee House Republican nominee for Speaker Beth Harwell, R-Nashville.

Bredesen: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Gov. Phil Bredesen says it was bad timing that his former Department of Revenue Commissioner Reagan Farr launched a new business right around the time the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation decided to examine whether Farr’s department properly handled tax collections. For more, go to www.tnreport.com.

Bredesen: Two Philosophies Within Revenue Dept.

Gov. Phil Bredesen said has had asked his former Revenue Commissioner Reagan Farr in the past “to at least, if it’s a close call, err on the side of helping a company in some way to come here” to Tennessee.” Others, he said, were focused on collecting “all the tax you can, every time.” For [...]

Bredesen: Confident in Farr Despite Investigation

Democrtic Gov. Phil Bredesen says he’s confident his former Department of Revenue Commissioner Reagan Farr was working appropriately and energetically to collect taxes for the State of Tennessee. The comments are in regards to an ongoing probe by the FBI and Tennessee Bureau of Investigation into Farr’s decision not to confidentially settle a sales-tax collections [...]

Bredesen Hopes Next Guv Keeps New Revenue Appointee

Gov. Phil Bredesen says he hopes whoever replaces him as governor next year considers keep on his new revenue commissioner, Charles Trost. For more, go to www.tnreport.com.

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