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Diaper Love Promotional Video 2012 HD

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Children in need often spend days in the same soiled diaper, which can lead to serious emotional distress and health problems. Wonderful organizations feed, clothe, heal and house children, but a major void exists in meeting the basic, fundamental hygienic need for an adequate supply of diapers. DiaperLove fills this huge service gap to make diapers available to struggling families.We believe that we are not just changing diapers, we are changing lives. Part of the promise of diaperLove is to encourage paying it forward. These boxes of diapers are not hand outs, they are a hand UP — to lift someone up in a difficult time, helping out when it’s our turn to help out. Why not cloth? In the communities diaperLove serves, cloth diapers are not a realistic solution. Parents who cannot afford diapers may not have easy access to a washing machine, the resources to support hygienically washing diapers, or the financial means or transportation to take extra loads of diapers to laundromats (most of which prohibit washing soiled diapers for health and sanitation reasons). Most daycare centers do not accept cloth diapers — one more barrier for parents working, in school, or in job training. So our best solution to help the most children is disposable diapers.

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