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Harwell Outlines 2012 House Priorities

Tennessee Speaker Beth Harwell, who presides over the state House of Representatives, says small business regulations and reining in the state budget will top the chamber’s legislative priorities. For more, go to www.tnreport.com.

2011 Daymar Move that Bill

Historic Homes of Knoxville featuring Blount Mansion

www.knoxville.org – Whether your family is looking to learn about large mansions in downtown or a frontier settlement in the outskirts of the city, Knoxville’s historic homes provide an opportunity for families to find out about all of these buildings and the important part they played in the city’s history.

Bass Pro rendering

Walmart car thief on the run

Aggravated assault suspects on the run

Tennessee Crossroads: The Arcade Restaurant (2509-1)

Tammi Arender visits a Memphis landmark that holds the distinction of being Memphis’ oldest cafe. Visit www.tennesseecrossroads.org for more information about this story and how your contributions to Nashville Public Television will keep this show on the air.

Hunters say they can help with hog overpopulation problems

Patrick Garrison, a hunting lodge owner in East Tennessee, says the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency ought to be working with hunters to allow more opportunities to kill wild hogs in order to thin their numbers. TWRA has said it wants to eliminate sport hunting of hogs because unscrupulous hunters trap and translocate the hogs to [...]

Haslam: Charter Reforms Not a Blank Check

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam says the reforms he signed into law that change charter school restriction still leave local control to individual school districts. For more, go to www.tnreport.com.

Throckmorton: Charters Need An Outside Authorizer

Tennessee Charter School Association Executive Director Matt Throckmorton explains why his group wants an outside political body to OK charter school applications. For more, go to www.tnreport.com.

Hog hunters angry with TWRA hunting ban

Chris Henderson, an East Tennessee bear and wild hog hunter, questions the wisdom and foresight of a new state wildlife agency policy that restricts hunting feral swine with hogs. Henderson and more than 500 other hog hunters gathered at Cumberland State Park in Crossville, TN on Aug. 10, 2011 to address Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency [...]

TWRA offical on TN hog-hunting “ban”

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Assistant Director Steve Patrick says sport-hunting for wild hogs has not done enough to reduce their numbers in the state. He says the state plans to engage in hog-extermination efforts even as it eliminates sport hunting for the animals, which farmers say cause significant damage to property in the state.

Blue paint on I-40

KNS Open (Knoxville News Sentinel) and Wee Course at William’s Creek

The Knoxville News Sentinel Open (KNS) is one of the stops on the spectacular Nationwide Tour. Knoxville is home to many great golf courses including Fox Den and The Wee Course at Williams Creek.

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Huffman: Charter Schools Need to Be the Example

Tennessee Education Commissioner Kevin Huffman tells attendees at the Tennessee Charter School Association that they need to set the example for the rest of the state in terms of student achievement gains, especially for low-income students. For more, go to www.tnreport.com

House Mountain is the perfect place to hike

Choose House Mountain when you’re planning a hike in Knoxville, Tennessee. From the 2100-foot crest you can see the ranges of the Unakas and Cumberlands some 30 miles away or if you look northeast you can see Clinch Mountain.

Haslam Open to School Dists. Running Own Charters

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam says he’s open to the idea of local school districts approving and running their own charter schools and said he expects to see that idea in the form of legislation next year. For more, go to www.tnreport.com

Exotic Birds rescued from mill

Henry E. Juszkiewicz, Gibson Raid Press Conference, Aug. 25, 2011

Gibson Guitar Corporation CEO Harry Juszkiewicz addresses reporters the day after federal agents raided the company’s Tennessee facilities over allegedly illegally importing endangered wood used to make its world-renowned instruments

Haslam Laughs at Question about Amazon

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam fields a question about the hotly debated issue revolving around the ongoing negotiations over Amazon.com’s sales tax collections. For more, go to www.tnreport.com.

Haslam Doesn’t Expect Feds to Cut 30%

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam says he expects the federal government to cut programs, not the 30 percent he asked departments to plan for this month. For more, go to www.tnreport.com.

Haslam: Good Arguments On Both Sides on Amazon Debate

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam says there are good arguments on both sides of the Amazon sales tax collection debate. For more, go to www.tnreport.com.

MTMC Commercial for MTSU Football

Middle Tennessee Medical Center’s commercial for the Middle Tennessee State University football games.

Shop Turkey Creek in Knoxville, Tennessee

www.knoxville.org – You can get everything you need in the Turkey Creek shopping center. Upscale boutiques, clothing stores, and fine dining are just a few of the things that Turkey Creek has to offer in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Tour the New Norris House

Mary Leverance takes us on a tour of the New Norris House. Leverance and her husband, landscape architecture professor Ken McCown, will live in the house for one year while blogging about the experience. The home will be a living laboratory where students and the couple can measure natural light, energy efficiency, the effectiveness of [...]

“Who you play, where you play, and then how you did”

The University of Memphis this morning released its 2011-12 schedule, which features a nonconference slate coach Josh Pastner believes will be ranked among the 10 toughest in the nation.

Track 29 Video

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