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Kelsey: House Doesn’t Understand Voucher Bill Yet

Tennessee State Sen. Brian Kelsey, a Germantown Republican who shepherded a measure allowing students to switch schools using a voucher system said he is confident the measure will pass in the House next year after a committee spends the summer studying it. For more, go to www.tnreport.com.

Campfield: State Becoming ‘Thought Police’

Tennessee state Sen. Stacey Campfield, a Republican from Knoxville, explains one of the reasons he voted against a measure pitched as a way to reduce terrorism in Tennessee. For more, go to www.tnreport.com.

Severe Weather 95.3 WPLZ Chattanooga

April 27th, 2011.

Weed Research

In Tennessee, a climate that’s good for growing a variety of crops has its downside. Many types of harmful weeds also thrive AgResearchers with the University of Tennessee work to help farmers battle this yearly problem that can greatly affect their yields.

Crab Lab

Crabs are disappearing from our oceans along America’s coasts. But there’s research in the land-locked state of Tennessee that could help. Students at UT’s Institute of Agriculture have designed a project to replenish crab populations.

4-H Pottery

Mankind has been making dishes, cups and bowls out of clay for thousands of years.Today pottery is still one way we create beautiful eating utensils – as well as vases and flower pots. Some Tennessee 4-H’ers are practicing this ancient art form.

Senior Money Management

The elderly years can be a challenge financially. Many seniors today struggle with debt and paying for general living expenses. UT Extension offers seniors tips for handling money in a game where they face life-like money problems.

Weinberg: Anti-Terrorism Bill Too Vague

Hedy Weinberg, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Tennessee, explains the problems her organization has with a measure that would allow the state government to brand individuals and groups as terrorists and punish people or entities that help them. For more, go to www.tnreport.com.

Campfield Won’t Vote for ‘Patriot Act 2 for TN’

Knoxville republican Stacey Campfield tells members of the Senate Judiciary Committee that a bill granting the state sweeping new powers to “designate” terrorist organizations and punish those who provide “material support” is “a bridge too far.” Campfield says he believes it is the federal government and not the states that is responsible for ensuring “security” [...]

Stewart: Anti-Terrorism Bill Would Diminish Americans’ Rights

Tennessee state Rep. Mike Stewart, a Nashville Democrat, explains his opposition to a bill that would allow the governor and attorney general to label individuals and groups as terrorists entitles and give the accused an administrative hearing, instead of of hearing before a judge or jury, to address the allegation. For more, go to www.tnreport.com.

Matheny: Anti-Terrorism Bill Equal to Everyone

Tennessee Speaker Pro Tempore Judd Matheny, a Tullahoma Republican, explains how his anti-terrorism bill will not target Muslims or people of any religious group, but will instead broadly open up the scope. For more, go to www.tnreport.com.

River Gorge Trust Anniversary Video

The Tennessee River Gorge Trust will host ‘Another Gorgeous Evening’ at the beautiful Tennessee RiverPlace on Saturday, April 30. This fabulous property is located on the banks of the Tennessee River at the entrance to the Tennessee River Gorge, just across from Williams Island. Guests will enjoy beautiful river and mountain views, dinner catered by [...]

Ramsey Unsure If He’d Reopen ECD Deals

Tennessee Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey, a Blountville Republican, is questioned by reporters about whether Gov. Bill Haslam’s look into the productivity of Gov. Phil Bredesen’s Department of Economic and Community Development will reopen deals with Amazon and Electrolux. For more, go to http:/www.tnreport.com.

Harwell: Some Things Shouldn’t Be Negotiable

Tennessee House Speaker Beth Harwell, a Nashville Republican, explains what issues she believes should not be subject to discussion when hashing out legislation restricting collective bargaining. For more, go to www.tnreport.com.

Ramsey Hopes to Meet with Former ECD Director

Tennessee Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey, a Blountville Republican, explains why he believes former Commissioner of Economic and Community Development Matt Kisber cancelled a meeting with him to talk about deals Gov. Phil Bredesen’s outgoing administration made to lure businesses to Tennessee. For more, go to www.tnreport.com.

Harrell: School Boards Want Collaboration, Not Collective Bargaining

Lobbyist for the Tennessee School Boards Association Lee Harrell explains what his group thinks is wrong with allowing teachers’ unions to collectively bargain educators’ work contracts. For more, go to www.tnreport.com.

Robbery suspects on the loose

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Falcon PUNCH! 95.3 WPLZ

Dale Kernahan and Bonnie with SOAR … Save Our American Raptors. Check out their website: www.soarsouth.org The Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus), also known as the Peregrine, and historically as the “Duck Hawk” in North America, is a cosmopolitan bird of prey in the family Falconidae. The Peregrine is renowned for its speed, reaching speeds of [...]

Is TN Hospital ‘Assessment’ Really a ‘Tax’?

Democrats on Thursday argued that the “voluntary assessment” on non-government hospitals’ patient revenue first enacted last year, which is supported by the Tennessee Hospital Association, is really a “tax increase” — the largest in history, according to House Democratic Caucus Chairman Mike Turner. Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey argues here that the mechanism for generating revenue [...]

Ramsey: Why Shouldn’t We Offer Vouchers?

Tennessee Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey, R-Blountville, says the debate over whether to offer children vouchers so they can attend private, charter or other public schools is a philosophical one. For more, go to http:/www.tnreport.com.

Kelsey: Vouchers Best for Students

Tennessee State Sen. Brian Kelsey explains why his plan to provide low income students vouchers to attend charter, private or other public schools is good for education. For more, go to www.tnreport.com

Woodson Worried About School Vouchers in Knoxville

Tennessee Speaker Pro Tempore and Knoxville Republican Jamie Woodson said she supports the idea of using vouchers to allow low income students to attend private and charter schools but said she opted not to vote in favor of the measure because she’s worried how it will impact her home district. For more, go to www.tnreport.com.

Lady Gaga’s “Little Monsters” all dressed up

www.tennessean.com: Lady Gaga’s fans or “Little Monsters,” many dressed in Gaga-inspired costumes, wait outside Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena Tuesday night before her concert.

Nashville Tour of Life Animal Adoptions

www.tennessean.com: Nashville animal owners and those seeking to adopt visited Metro Animal Care and Control Saturday for micro-chipping, adoptions and other animal products and booths during the Tour of Life adoption event.

TDOT bulldozes parts of Green Hills Community Garden

www.tennessean.com: The community garden, Carver Garden at 1001 Gale Lane near Granny White in Nashville, was bulldozed on Friday after TDOT said the amount of trash at the compost site became an eyesore.

Haslam: Government Not an Employment Agency

Gov. Bill Haslam says that it is not the government’s job to hire everyone who needs employment, but to create capital by creating jobs in the private sector. For more, go to www.tnreport.com.

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